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Fixing a Computer

Computer Service

Computer Service

Maintenance & Support

Day-to-Day Network Support

Virus Protection & Removal

Network Security

Firewall Installation & Configuration


Anti Virus, Anti Spyware & Adware Solutions

System Upgrades

Repairs (Old and new)

Wifi Installation & Configuration

Parental Control

Computer Training

LCD Replacement - Laptop/Iphone/load

Rack Installation and cooling

Computer & Equipment Sales

Corporate/Residential Wiring

System Security


UPS Batteries

Designing on a Tablet

Website Design

Website design

Getting out of the Old and into the New

Today’s new website technology creates a fresh modern look to your old website. By adding creative design and strategic marketing to unsurpassed IT capabilities and you get a web presence that is…

Visually Stunning

User friendly and easy to navigate

Shows up organically in Google searches

Operates smoothly and seamlessly 

Increases your efficiency, effectiveness
& level of business

Whether it’s creating a creative and stunning web presence from scratch or giving your old website a more modern look, we keep you and your design in mind for the entire project.

Let us broaden your online presence, our creative team will work with you to improve your business.

Home Audio/Theater 

Red Chairs

Pre & Post Construction


iPhone, iPad & Android



TV & Equipment



Rack Installations

With Cooling

TV, Projector & Projection

Screen Mounting

LUTRON Lighting 


Home Theater 

Furniture & Seating

Universal Remote

Controls (RF & IR)

In-Ceiling & In-Wall


Custom Cabinetry

Components Inside of Mobile Phone

Phone systems

image-asset (5).jpeg

Camera CCTV Systems

Lighting and Climate Control

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