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Managed Services

Many companies are falling victim to cyber attacks and its no longer a question of "if" but instead "when." Today's staff are always connected to the Internet sending critical information and jumping from site to site. Fighting cyber crime from hackings, data breaches, and ransomeware attacks requires a proactive approach. Contact us today for a free assessment.

With NeighborTech's Managed Services, we will monitor your systems 24/7/365 to ensure your IT functions at peak capacity. This proactive approach addresses glitches and makes adjustments that prevent problems. It also allows us to effectively trouble-shoot when problems do occur. No more lost revenue or service interruptions. Say goodbye to huge costs associated with lost productivity and missed deadlines. 

Manage Sevices
Motherboard Installation

Projects and Installations

Projects and Installations

Be one step ahead!

As companies grow and businesses expand, you need the latest technology in order to maintain that success and always be one step ahead.

We understand!

We understand those needs – our expertise ranging from your routine workstation upgrades to entire network overhauls.

We are affordable!

Got a budget? No problem! We offer quality, affordable services, with competitive rates that gives you the level of expertise you need only for the time you need it. Our company strives to offer cost-effective business solutions that fit into your budget.


HelpDesk Support

HelpDesk Support

Give us a call at 844.500.MYIT to speak to an expert.

IT issues happen, and when they do, our HelpDesk provides experienced support.

Digital Network Cables

Our experts are well versed in a wide range of IT assistance from your routine issues to complex problem solving.


Problems are solved quickly and effectively with one goal in mind – to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently 24/7.

Engineering Class

All of our support calls are answered by a friendly, knowledgeable technician

Typing on a Computer

No need to press your way through prompts only to be put on hold for hours.

Happy Girl Texting
On the Phone

Voice and Data

Voice and Data

The Zultys Difference

image-asset (3).png

A decade ago, business communications meant office telephones. Today, it’s about bringing it all together. Zultys integrates Voice, Instant Messaging, Email, Video, Web Conferencing – and office phones, smart phones, tablets and computers to work seamlessly on a powerful unified communications platform. So you are always connected to your business wherever you need to be 24/7.


We can trouble shoot and repair your current system or help you upgrade to a new one. We install, integrate and train.

Coding Station

Cyber Security

Cyber Securit
Computer Programming

With identity theft on the rise and vital information in jeopardy, Cyber Security is a must to protect your business. And who better than NeighborTech IT experts who understand your critical data and technology infrastructure. We provide complete Cyber Security solutions that deliver the most important thing of all…peace of mind.

Electronic Wires

We Offer:

  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNS)

  • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

  • Content filtering protocol

  • Antivirus, spam and malware protection

Man Holding Laptop

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery services


In today’s digital world, disaster recovery is a must for businesses. NeighborTech takes a proactive approach to ensure that your business and its data is protected even during unexpected, disruptive events.

We pride ourselves on business continuity, safeguarding your company from malicious activity, human error and natural disasters. We offer solutions ranging from uninterrupted data access onsite to complete virtualization of your server, minimizing or even eliminating downtime for your business.


Our services include:

  • Quick Recovery & Minimal Business Downtime

  • Secure Backup Locations

  • Fully Automated Backup

  • Affordable data storage and protection

  • Industry Compliance (i.e., HIPAA)

  • Extra “layer” of cyber security protection

  • Incremental Backups with Instant Virtualization

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